Progressive companies and investors not only make a profit, but also consider the impact of their activities on the world around them important. This way of thinking is called ESG, which comes from the words environmental, social and governance. This means using environmental, social and governance measures that ensure business sustainability and responsibility.

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"After spending 30 years in business, I truly believe that the private sector has a unique opportunity and genuine responsibility to help society make Sustainable Development Goals goals a reality. 

People are the most valuable asset and by focusing their collective energy on the Sustainable Development Goals, we can help wider society make true progress towards a better and more sustainable future for all"

Grant Thornton International CEO, Chair of IMPACT2030

E_SDG_logo_UN_emblem_square_trans_WEB.pngIn 2015, all United Nations Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which provides “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the agenda represent an urgent call to action to all countries and all stakeholders across the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental.

Similarly, the European Green Deal strives to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy by 2050, ensuring:

  • no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050
  • economic growth decoupled from resource use
  • no person and no place left behind

What is it ultimately about?

2022-children-ESG-Grant Thornton Baltic-circle.pngIn short, it is about doing the right thing – how to create a dignified co-existence for estimated 9.8 billion people on planet Earth by 2050, relying on limited and dwindling natural resources in a world that is headed towards a climate disaster. It is an acknowledgement that we are already in a deep crisis an ultimately what people value and expect from countries and corporations is basic and simple: fresh air, clean water, biodiverse environment, healthy food, robust health, equality, quality education, safety and comfort, decent work, sustainable economic growth and other basic needs.

We are at the start of corporate responsibility revolution which will directly or indirectly impact everyone. Generation that prioritizes environmental and social responsibility will dominate the future workforce market and become the key policy makers in the world. Behavioral expectations by various stakeholders to companies will increase dramatically. 

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Sustainability services

Sustainability advisory

We help solve issues related to the environment, social capital, employees, business model and good management practices.

Sustainability audit

Our auditors review and certify sustainability reports in accordance with international standards.

Sustainable finance

We help investors to analyze the environmental issues, social responsibility and good management practices of the company of interest.

Sustainable tax

Our international tax specialists define the concept of sustainable tax behavior and provide services related to sustainable tax behavior.


2022-skeleton-technologies-ümmargune.pngFighting climate change with innovative energy storage solutions has been Skeleton Technologies’ mission since 2009. We are grateful to Grant Thornton Baltic for supporting us on our journey to obtain funding from the European Commission’s Innovation Fund to scale up our graphene-based ultracapacitor production.

To apply for funding from the European Commission’s Innovation Fund we were required to have our cost computations and financial model reviewed and validated by independent financial professionals - this is where Grant Thornton’s specialists came to our aid. Grant Thornton Baltic independently verified the consistency of our cost computations in relation to the relevant European Commission Call Text, while confirming that our financial model was consistent with the relevant cost calculations and that our assumptions underlying the inputs were valid. Confirmation for all the points mentioned above, gave us the ability and confidence to submit our application to the European Commission’s Innovation Fund.

Working with Grant Thornton Baltic’s specialists was effortless, as the communication was swift, and it felt like we had already worked on one team for a long time. Despite the short deadline, Grant Thornton Baltic delivered in time for our submission. We highly appreciate Grant Thornton Baltic's contribution to Skeleton Technologies’ mission of building a more energy-efficient and sustainable world.

Patricia Godel
Head of Grant Financing and Risk
Skeleton Technologies GmbH

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