As special work we perform, for example:

Prevention of corruption and conflicts of interest

We advise on the establishment of an effective supervision process - we help to assess corruption risks, map activities with corruption risk and measures to prevent and resolve conflicts of interest.

Verification of the legality or regularity of the transaction

We assess the compliance of both public procurement and corporate procurement / purchases with the law, internal rules and good practice:

  • whether all procurements have been carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and internal rules
  • whether the competitive situation is being used effectively (eg when bidding)
  • whether the transparency and controllability of the procurement is ensured for all purchases
  • whether measures have been taken to avoid conflicts of interest
  • whether the organisation's procurement procedures are adequate, appropriate, and complied with

Internal control service

We check your organization's monthly:

  • cash transactions
  • purchase and sale transactions
  • the targeting of economic costs
  • conflicts of interest
  • claims and liabilities management
  • contracting processes
  • the regularity and relevance of (financial) reporting
  • other areas of financial accounting that are important to you
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Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg
Kai Paalberg Grant Thornton Baltic
Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg