All transactions – acquisitions, disposals, refinancing, restructuring, issue of bonds or shares, etc. – have tax-specific consequences.

The acknowledgement and planning of these consequences helps to reduce the risks involved, and grants certain advantages and opportunities in negotiations.

Grant Thornton has established an international network of specialists who advise customers in issues related to the taxation of transactions and reorganisation. We combine our versatile international experience with the local knowledge to help you make decisions and plan transactions based on the relevant information.

  • Advice on domestic and cross-border transactions
  • Advice on corporate restructuring
  • Advice on refinancing

Each transaction has its background and peculiarities. In addition, our services are designed to satisfy the specific business needs of the customer.

In case of M&A, we provide assistance in establishing a(n) (international) team to help the buyer in the process, including:

  • the preliminary analysis (due diligence);
  • participation and support in negotiations with the seller;
  • implementation of the changes arising from the transaction.

Our advisory services to the seller include:

  • an overview of the tax position of the company on sale, counselling on and recommendations for alternative transaction structures with the aim of disposing unnecessary assets or exiting the company or business segment;
  • proposals for the phrasing of tax-specific conditions in the documentation on the purchase and sale transactions;
  • participation and support in negotiations with the buyer;
  • tax analysis of the transaction costs and counselling on the optimizing of tax costs in connection with the transfer of (a part of) the company.

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Kristjan Järve
Partner in charge of tax services
Kristjan Järve