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Negotiating the best deal & shaping transactions

The core activities of most businesses can be traced to transactions. As transactions ultimately affect the profitability of the company, due care should be invested into addressing any potential risks and maximising value creation opportunities. This requires that various aspects of a transaction (such as feasibility, validity of agreement terms, scope of rights and obligations, price or possible value adjustment needs, tax risks, financing alternatives, securities, liability and remedies, etc.) are thoroughly evaluated and then communicated to the other parties in a legally binding way.

Contract law is one of the primary fields of activity for Grant Thornton Baltic. We not only provide opinions and draft agreements for various legal relations (including sales, lease, licence, loan and service agreements as well as contracts related to procedures under corporate law), but also look beyond the narrow context of the transaction and identify any issues that may arise under applicable regulations – e.g. when trading with related parties, we can make sure that transactions are in line with transfer pricing principles and minimize the risks for possible tax board proceedings, or when offering services or bringing products to the market, analyse if competition law requirements have been met.

Advisers of Grant Thornton Baltic also negotiate for their clients and manage their transactions. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive service, comprising of legal, taxation and financial support. The back-office service gives clients a sense of security that a transaction has been conducted in a manner that hedges all possible risks.

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