Grant Thornton Baltic’s tax professionals advise clients on both  specific and everyday business related tax issues.

Where necessary, we advise our customers in cooperation with the international Grant Thornton network, which includes more than 5000 professional tax advisers in more than 135 countries. Professional tax advisory helps to create an environment where the clients can better focus on their core business.

  • Our tax advisors provide clear and constructive solutions for both tax planning and tax strategies taking into account the goals of each company or individual.
  • We advise both public and private sector clients on income tax, VAT and other taxation related questions.
  • We give our assessment of the tax consequences of transactions within the legal framework of Estonia as well as other countries.

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Pan baltic tax system comparison


Our company's investment portfolio is very diverse in terms of both asset classes and geographical scope. This means, however, that orientation in all tax rules can be quite difficult.

In order to do everything properly in the taxation of investments, we chose Grant Thornton Baltic as an advisor. Their tax team is familiar with the details of the tax area, including advice on the correct taxation of cross-border investments.

Our cooperation has been smooth and successful. I really appreciate that we have always received quick and practical answers to both simpler questions and more complex transactions.

Notorious OÜ is a next generation asset management and investment company whose investment partners are Taavet Hinrikus and Sten Tamkivi. We invest globally in a variety of asset classes, including technology and start-ups, VC funds, real estate, real and cryptoassets.

Vallo Paal
Member of the board of Notorious OÜ


Corporate taxation

We advise on all matters related to corporate taxation.

Value added tax and other indirect taxes

We have extensive knowledge in the field of VAT, excise duties and customs, both on the national and international level.

International taxation

We advise on foreign tax systems and international tax regulations, including the requirements of cross-border reporting.

Transfer pricing

We help plan and document all aspects of a company's transfer pricing strategy.

Taxation of transactions

We plan the tax consequences of a company's acquisition, transfer, refinancing, restructuring, and listing of bonds or shares.

Taxation of employees in cross-border operations

An employee of an Estonian company abroad and an employee of a foreign company in Estonia - we advise on tax rules.

Tax risk audit

We perform a risk audit that helps diagnose and limit tax risks and optimize tax obligations.

Representing the client in Tax Board

We prevent tax problems and ensure smooth communication with the Tax and Customs Board.

Taxation of private individuals

We advise individuals on personal income taxation issues and, represent the client in communication with the Tax and Customs Board.

Pan-Baltic tax system comparison

Our tax specialists have prepared a comparison of the tax systems of the Baltic countries regarding the taxation of companies and individuals.

Kristjan Järve
Partner in charge of tax services
Kristjan Järve

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