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The Employment Contracts Act provides for compensation for both employees and employers in a number of situations. In Supreme Court practice, the compensation has been viewed as indemnifying a loss, and as such, both parties have to prove that they incurred losses.
Merli Kesküla
| 4 min read |
From January 1st, 2023, chapter 24 of the Tax Information Exchange Act entered into force, according to which platform operators must provide information about the sellers and service providers using the platform and the income earned by them to the Tax and Customs Board.
Urzula Välb
| 3 min read |
The rapid development of artificial intelligence and the arrival of ChatGPT on the scene will not leave accountants on the street, but there will be an increasing need to get in-service training, re-train and think more like a CFO does.
Gaily Kuusik
Terje Liiv
| 5 min read |
On March 20th, 2023, Ministry of Finance of Lithuania revealed proposals on tax reform, to be submitted to Parliament early May, to enter into force from the year 2024 (if adopted).
Less than a minute |
Proper and smooth stock-taking is often seen as being the tedious duty of accountants, and a process that obstructs the company’s activities for a few hours or days. In reality, stock-taking does not just concern accountants and can be organised more effectively and reasonably by focusing on the most important things.
Bert Haabu
| 6 min read |

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25 Apr 2023

Colleagues have spoken: the best employees and projects of 2022

Colleagues have spoken: the best employees and projects of 2022

22 Mar 2023

Veni, vidi, vici!

We’re happy to announce that sworn auditor Bert Haabu was awarded certification as sworn auditor for the public sector in early March. Grant Thornton Baltic now employs 12 sworn auditors and five public sector sworn auditors.

07 Mar 2023

An auditor whose contribution to the development of audit sector and building one of Estonia’s most successful audit services companies has been recognized with a state decoration

Mati Nõmmiste has been the CEO of Grant Thornton Baltic since the very beginning. For decades, he contributed to developing the sphere as a member of the board of the Auditors’ Association and in 2015, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves bestowed on him the Order of the White Star. Last year, the Auditor’s Association thanked Mati for his outstanding work in developing the profession.

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