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A compassionate employer also looks after employees’ mental health
Company culture A compassionate employer also looks after employees’ mental health
All of us have a work life and a private life, and no matter how we try, it is hard to keep them completely separate. Problems at work come home with us and vice versa. That is the underpinning for my belief that an employer who genuinely cares about its people will see investing into maintaining mental health as an investment in its employees.
Marge Litvinova
| 5 min read |
E-residents run up against obstacles applying for a new digital ID
Legal E-residents run up against obstacles applying for a new digital ID
Many foreign nationals doing business in Estonia recently received an unpleasant surprise: they are unable to submit their annual report for their company to the Business Register, since they failed to renew their digital ID by the deadline. Meanwhile, the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) has imposed additional conditions on applying for a new digital ID.
Uljana Feldman
| 2 min read |
Eve Lille Grant Thornton Baltic
Tax Is the logic of transfer pricing in place and is documentation updated?
Transfer pricing is often talked about solely in a tax accounting context but actually determining transfer price requires the existence of a strategically good budgetary and cost accounting system in managerial reporting. If a company has designed a detailed, adequate cost accounting system, a key precondition for shaping transfer prices has been met, especially when it comes to transactions related to goods and services where a clear cost base is even more important than mark-up.
Eve Lille
| 4 min read |
Kasvukursil töölepingu lõpetamine
Labor law Yes, employment contracts can be terminated extraordinarily via Messenger
The most important aspect of extraordinary cancellation of an employment contract is that the notice has to be reproducible in writing. The employee should thus be precise in their wording, and the employer should be quick to respond.
Marge Litvinova
Merli Kesküla
| 6 min read |
Naised äris 2024
Women in Business The need for more women executives
Studies conducted in Estonia and other countries show that there are many female mid-level managers but women all too often hit a glass ceiling in trying to get to the highest tier of business leadership. Why is it that way, and are quotas the only way to break the glass?
Gerli Soosalu
| 10 min read |

Our news

25 Mar 2024

Sponsorship of MTÜ Peaasjad starts

For years, Grant Thornton Baltic has lent a helping hand to those in need, donating both funds and our employees’ time to charity organizations. In 2023, MTÜ Peaasjad, which focuses on promoting mental health in Estonia, was the latest non-profit to be added to the line-up.

19 Feb 2024

Meelika Mülla receives sworn auditor certification

We are very pleased to announce that our longstanding audit manager Meelika Mülla received her professional certification as sworn auditor on 23 January 2024.

22 Jan 2024

Recognition of our most outstanding in 2023

Last Friday evening, we got together with our team to celebrate together successfully completed projects of last year, to recognize the most outstanding achievements and to distribute Grant Thornton Baltic's 2023 awards.

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