In today’s everchanging world, the HR management bears a key role in articulating and communicating a company’s values and goals, shaping the employer’s brand and creating the value proposition.

It also includes the internal communication planning, change management as well as structuring and clarifying the company’s operational logic to both staff and external stakeholders.

We are able to assume a full control of the processes related to human resource management or be a supportive advisory partner to the HR Manager during the launch of the necessary processes in the organization, by offering an impartial eye and experience.

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Employer branding (or creation thereof)

A strong employer brand gives a competitive edge for recruitment, reduces the time and money spent on recruitment as well as decreases employee turnover rate. Building the brand and the image for an employer is not a sprint but a marathon.

Besides the new hire’s orientation, one should consider the existing employees as the most impactful target group of an employer's brand, because they are the everyday brand ambassadors for the business.

The employer’s image and brand are also impacted by the employees who have left the company, and the stories they tell about the company.

Successful brand creation is something that has to be managed consistently and consciously, and not let it just get shaped on its own.

Employer’s value proposition

Today, the employees are choosing their employers just as carefully as the employers have chosen their employees in the past.

The employer’s value proposition is a way for to describe the full set of values that characterize just that specific employer, so that prospective employees can decide whether to join the team.

The value proposition also forges a stronger bond with existing employees and communicates arguments in favour of the employer that aren’t necessarily considered every day.

The employer value proposition should include everything the employer has to offer the employee. In addition to the remuneration package, it should also mention the “soft” values like the working environment, development prospects, organizational culture, flexibility, and all other positive aspects that help to distinguish the employer from competitors.

We have a substantial experience in helping employers to create, update and maintain their value proposition.

Internal communication consultancy

We will help formulating internal communication principles and establishing routines so that the messaging aimed at employees would be regular, planned, and comprehensive and supports building the employer’s reputation among employees.

We will advise in choosing the right internal communication channels to create a common information space for the employees and thereby ensure that the important messages get out to everyone.

Change leadership and implementation

Flexible human resource management policies can support organizational change management and create new operating models and structures to ensure the organization’s capability to keep up with changing conditions.

There are important prerequisites for implementing the change: the team’s readiness and motivation, mindset and understanding, skill sets and the capability to apply them, as well as the desire to contribute and take responsibility.

Well-designed change management processes contribute to a more flexible organization, accelerate employee adaptation to changes as well as increase the likelihood of achieving the goals.

More flexible organizations are more likely to succeed in changing environment because they are able to adapt faster, act in a purposeful manner and achieve their goals.

Introducing employee appraisal system

Effective employee appraisals are built on the manager’s ability to be systematic and steer the dialogue.

The appraisal dialogue supports and directs the employee’s self-development process and gives the supervisor the necessary management information.

By being able to see and sense the employee’s hidden skills and strengths, the manager can provide guidance and involve them in roles and activities where the employee can fulfil new tasks that are supported by their innate strengths.

We help organizations by introducing a well-designed employee appraisal process as well as the tools suited for it.


Hiring new employees is often a time-consuming sequence of activities, that is concluded by successful onboarding - the last important step for ensuring the integrity and quality of the whole recruitment process.

We help to establish procedures that will ensure effective new hires engagement, so that the hiring process in general (as well as in its intricate details) will be well-designed, thereby ensuring that the new hires will not feel abandoned in their new role.

Offboarding and outplacement

The respectful, dignified handling of offboarding – the process of an employee leaving a job – is just as important as onboarding.

Any departing employee may become a future client, partner, or a returning co-worker.

Anything that the departing employee will say about the company can affect the employer’s reputation on the job market. The internal and external image of the employer greatly depends on how people are treated when exiting the company. Much can be gained and lost in this process.

We will be your advisory partner and help shape offboarding into a process that reinforces positive emotions in all employees, whether they are staying or leaving.

Outplacement or post-layoff counselling is a support provided by the company to those employees impacted by layoffs.

Layoffs often come unexpectedly, and the associated emotions can be stressful and undermine self-confidence.

Outplacement helps to reduce the potential frustration and bolster the self-confidence of a laid-off employee.

The primary focus of outplacement is on the process of finding a new job, refreshing the CV and LinkedIn profile, supporting applying for a new job, coaching the leaver for successful job interview performance and inspiring the leaver to maintain an active state during the time between the jobs.

Both offboarding and outplacement offer a great opportunity for managing safe and supported employee exit from the company. You will be able to benefit of our expertise in either getting support in designing the processes and routines, or fully relying on our end-to-end offboarding and outplacement services.

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