As of March 1 2010, the Estonian Forensic Science Institute maintains a list of state-recognized experts.

Grant Thornton Baltic employs three experienced state-recognized forensic experts (Artur Suits, Mart Nõmper, Ants Ansper), who have evaluated many projects over the years. We cooperate with recognized law firms in forensic projects.

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The competence of our experts includes the following areas:

Identification of economic damage and assessment of lost revenue
  • losses due to business interruption
  • damage resulting from harmful contracts and transactions
  • damage to the rights of minority shareholders
  • assessing lost revenue and finding a reasonable fee
  • benchmarking of evaluation reports
  • assessment of the fair value of business operations, participations and shares
Assessment of permanent insolvency
  • occurrence detection
  • identification of causes
  • rebuttal
Regulated areas
  • disputes with the Competition Authority
  • calculation of marginal prices

Some examples of work done

  • Assessment of the economic damage caused by the infringement of the right of ownership and possession, as a result of which the economic activity of the company ceased.
  • In the dispute over the price set in the takeover bid of the small shareholders of the gambling company, the assessment of the relevance and justification of the inputs to the valuation reports and thus the accuracy of the valuation results.
  • Assessment of economic damage resulting from dilution of minority interest.
  • Analysis of the improvement of economic efficiency in a dispute with the Competition Authority.
  • Assessment of economic damage caused by the transfer of shares in a private limited company.
  • Assessment of the economic damage caused by the transfer of a business unit of the company.
  • Estimation of the normal value of assets in connection with the suspension of economic activities due to the seizure of the company's assets.
  • Analyzing the use of charitable TV donations.
  • Assessment of loss of income in connection with a dispute between an advertising agency and a political party.
  • Valuation of the fair value of a group of real estate companies.
  • Identifying the causes of insolvency and determining the moment of insolvency in connection with the bankruptcy proceedings.

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