Generally it is not in the business interests of companies to create a position of an in-house lawyer because the workload is not expected to be high enough. On the other hand, a temporary increase in the work capacity or special circumstances may occasionally establish a need for constant legal services or know-how in very specific questions. In this situation, instead of creating a temporary (or an additional) lawyer position, the provision of required services can be easily trusted to Grant Thornton Baltic – the idea behind our in-house lawyer service is to effectively support companies that require daily legal advice in order to make sure that their undertaken business operations are legally correct and consistent.

The support sought for under the in-house lawyer service may range from general business and corporate advisory services down to specific legal tasks such as drafting shareholders’ decisions, various contracts and administrative documents, responding to claims, dispute settlement, interpreting market regulations, giving opinions on management decisions, executing procedures related to the Commercial Register (replacement of management board or supervisory board members, increasing or decreasing share capital, amending by-laws, etc.) or dealing with common questions under employment law and tax law.

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