HR Management Outsourcing

The head of human resources is a key role in every organization. If the previous HR manager has left the company and the new one has not yet started (or it is not feasible to hire one), it‘s worth to outsource the HR Manager to prevent the competence vacuum and avoid accumulating of uncompleted work.

External HR manager can bring competences, experience and best practices that may be inaccessible for a smaller company that might not be able to hire a full-time HR professional.

With a fresh pair of eyes and experience, the stand-in can surprise the company, highlighting topics that no one in the company has thought of before.

External HR manager will keep the everyday routines and activities operational while hiring of the permanent employee may take more time than expected.

Temporary Human Resources Manager

In case the organization suffers of a temporary absence of the HR manager, it is often reasonable to contract for a temporary personnel manager service, so that there will be no vacuum of responsibilities and the long-term accumulation of work can be avoided in the organization.

A temporary HR manager can bring in competence, experience, and best practices into the company, which may be out of reach for smaller organizations on a longer-term or full-time basis.

A pair of fresh eyes and breath of industry expertise can yield positively surprising outcomes, whereby the outsourced professional may bring up topics that the company has not been aware of or not able to pay attention to.
A temporary HR manager will be also able to make sure that the company's daily routines stay operational, in case recruitment of the permanent staff will take longer than expected.

HR mentoring services

A smaller company might benefit of engaging a temporary external HR expert to act as a mentor and consultant to the existing HR manager or HR specialist. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring in temporary expertise, thereby offering support to a person just starting in the HR manager role or during launching major one-off projects.

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