The positive effect of negative thinking - this is summarizing the risk management in an organization, because by recognizing risks, it is also possible to deal with their management, prioritize activities and thus also manage resources.

Risks jeopardize the achievement of the organization's goals. To minimize the frequency or impact of risks and to be prepared for risks, it is necessary to manage the risks consciously. We advise you:

  • risk assessment
  • establishing a risk management system

Risk assessment

We coordinate the risk assessment of your organization - we help to map the risks affecting the organization and assess the impact and probability of the risks, and we prepare a risk report together with the risk matrix of the organization.

Risk management

We advise the organization in setting up a risk management system - assigning risk managers to identified risks, defining activities planned to mitigate risks and creating a risk monitoring system.

As internal auditors, we can also help evaluate your company's risk management process and contribute to its improvement. Regular evaluation of the risk management process is important to ensure that the risk management process implemented in the company is effective and meets management's expectations.

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Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg
Kai Paalberg Grant Thornton Baltic
Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg