In a business world characterized by a constantly changing environment, it is not a question of “if” you should digitally transform your business, but rather the question of “how”.

We at Grant Thornton Digital support you every step of the way to deliver the innovations that really matter to your business.

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GT_250x250_ArturSuits.pngA well-thought-out and cleverly managed digital revolution will take your business to a new level!

"With our team, the implementation of smart digital solutions is a creative and inclusive process for the company's management. How far is your company from digital maturity? We meet and appreciate your digital growth opportunities.”

Artur Suits, Pertner in charge of advisory services

Digital services

Digital strategy

We help assess the digital maturity of your organization, create a strategy that matches your needs and capabilities, and develop key metrics. We take the lead as a customer and implementer of digital solutions, taking advantage of the Grant Thornton ecosystem.

Intelligent automation

We aid you in determining your business’ needs and opportunities, as well as model the business processes accordingly to provide the best user experience and efficiency possible.

Business Intelligence

Our team of experienced business analysts will help you get a grip on your data by mapping and structuring all the data available.


A proactive cyber strategy delivers you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on realising your company’s growth potential.

Innovation as a Service

On average 25% of corporate IT projects fail completely, while 50% require significant rework before they start providing actual value. We will help you select the best digital path and put it into action by leveraging our ecosystem, while making sure that everything goes as planned.

Artur Suits
Tallinn, Estonia
Partner in charge of advisory services
Tallinn, Estonia
Artur Suits has extensive knowledge and skills in both business advisory and auditing with over 20 years of experience in both fields. Artur works at Grant Thornton Baltic since 1996. He is a partner and member of the management board of the company. Artur is also a member of the Estonian Auditors' Association.
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Artur Suits
Partner in charge of advisory services
Artur Suits

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