Is your organization regularly assessed for risks endangering the achievement of the objectives?

  • Does the organization's risk management work effectively?
  • Do you have confidence that your organization's activities comply with regulations and internal rules and regulations?
  • Are your customers satisfied with the services provided to them?
  • Is the organization transparent to you, your clients, and other stakeholders?

If the answer to any of the questions above is "no" and you want to change it, we can help you make necessary changes. You can find out more about our services below.

Risk management services are intended for private companies, the third sector and government agencies, institutions under their administration, local governments, foundations, and civic associations.

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„Initially, we created the internal audit function only to mitigate regulatory risks and comply with legal requirements, but now we have also taken into account the business risks identified in cooperation with Grant Thornton Baltic to ensure better performance of the company.“

Rasmus Õisma, Member of the Management Board of Montonio Finance OÜ

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Grant Thornton Baltic attains ISO 27001:2022 certificate for Information Security Management System

In November 2023, Grant Thornton Baltic was certified with ISO 27001:2022 by Bureau Veritas, confirming that we identify, assess and manage security risks relating to information systems on an ongoing basis and in accordance with the requirements outlined.

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Business risk services and internal audit

Internal audit

We assist you in performing the internal audit function, performing internal audits and advisory work, evaluating governance, and conducting training.

Internal Audit in the Financial Services Sector

We provide internal audit services to financial sector companies. We can support the creation of an internal audit function already when applying for a sectoral activity license.

Audit of projects

We conduct audits of projects that have received European Union funds, state aid, foreign aid, or other grants.

Prevention of money laundering

We help to prepare a money laundering risk assessment and efficient anti-money laundering procedures, conduct internal audits and training.

Risk assessment and risk management

We advise you on conducting a risk assessment and setting up a risk management system.

Custom tasks

At the request of the client, we perform audits, inspections and analyzes with a specific purpose and scope.

External Quality Assessment of the Internal Audit Activity

We conduct an external evaluation of the quality of the internal audit or provide independent assurance on the self-assessment.

Whistleblowing and reporting misconduct

We can help build the whistleblowing system, from implementation, internal repairs and staff training to the creation of a reporting channel and case management.

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Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg
Kai Paalberg Grant Thornton Baltic
Head of Business Risk Services, Senior Internal Auditor
Kai Paalberg