In a rapidly changing world, it is wise to focus on our core business, on what adds value to us and what we are experts at. This means that more and more companies prefer to outsource the supporting services.

Who might need HR services?

The need to outsource human resource services can arise for both large and small companies.

A small company may lack the resources to hire a full-time human resources manager, and there might not be enough work for the full-time position. In a large company, specific knowledge may be required from time to time, for example in employment law, or a large-scale recruitment campaign may be required, in which the advice and strength of its staff will be limited.

Grant Thornton Baltic offers you the opportunity to outsource the human resource services in exactly the amount and in the part of the work you need at the moment. We offer a full service, which means covering the entire field of human resource management: recruitment, personnel accounting, documentation, people development, etc. It is also possible to outsource only some services, such as recruitment or the preparation and organization of personnel documentation.

Why to outsource?

The main reason for outsourcing is saving time and money and being able to focus on your core business. Modern human resource management requires both thorough knowledge and experience in the field as well as coping effectively with routine administrative activities. The latter means that administrative work segments should be automated as much as possible. It may not be possible or sensible for a company to build all of this from scratch.

Even outsourcing a service on a small scale gives a smaller company the opportunity to involve a specialist with professional experience in the required field, whose full-time employment in their company is neither practical nor reasonable.

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Human resources and recruitment services

Recruitment services – personnel search

We help fill positions in your company with competent and dedicated employees who help realize the company's strategic goals.

Recruitment support services

Support services help to determine whether the candidates match the company's expectations. The most used support services are candidate testing and evaluation.

Implementation of human resource management processes

We either assume a full control of the launch of processes related to HR management, or we are a supportive advisory partner for the HR manager.

Audit of HR management processes

We map the HR management processes and provide an overview of how to assess the health of the organization from the HR management perspective.

HR Documentation and Operating Model Advisory Services work

We support companies in setting up HR documentation and operational processes with a necessary quality.

Employee Surveys

We help to carry out goal-oriented and high-quality employee surveys. We analyse the results, make reports, and draw conclusions.

HR Management outsourcing

We offer both temporary and permanent/long-term HR manager services to companies.

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