Nearly every executive has experienced IT project failure during their career.

On average 25% of corporate IT projects fail completely, while 50% require significant rework before they start providing actual value. The three main root causes being an unsuitable ecosystem, a misfocus on the deadlines and not the technology roadmap and most significantly inadequate project management.

Therefore, it is essential that your digital innovation initiatives be handled by a team of professionals who comprehend both the strategic goals of your business as well the technological paradigm.

Our „Innovation as a Service” team will determine your organization's digital maturity based on a thorough analysis of all the digital dimensions. Ultimately, to create a digital strategy that is in line with the needs and opportunities that your company is facing. We will help you select the best digital path and put it into action by leveraging our ecosystem, while making sure that everything goes as planned.

Our „Innovation as a Service” includes the following steps:

Checklist_grant Thornton_120x120.png

We assess and analyse your digital maturity by mapping the business processes and technologies

artificial_intelligence_purple 120x120.png

Collaborating with your company’s management, we help develop a digital strategy with KPIs and a corresponding technology roadmap


We help put your digital strategy into action: finding the suitable contractors and managing the innovation projects


We track and measure the progress of the innovation project and provide frequent feedback


We assess the outcomes and help formulate a new digital strategy for your next innovation cycle

Let's digitally transform your business!

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