One of the most important steps on a transaction process timeline is the “investigation” of the transaction object. Legal due diligence is often a prerequisite for closing merger or acquisition deals that serve the interests of various parties involved in the process – strategic buyers, investors, debt providers, vendors.

The general purpose of due diligence procedures is to give a detailed overview of the object being sold or purchased (e.g. a company or a business unit) as the information revealed under a systematic enquiry can have a significant impact on various transaction elements such as the deal structure, value, representations and warranties obtained from the vendor, pre-closing covenants and specific indemnities for addressing any unresolved risks.

Grant Thornton Baltic has notable experience in performing legal, tax and financial due diligence. In the course of legal due diligence, we thoroughly review the client’s documentation and legal relations (or those specified by the client) and prepare a written report. The report provides a description of key findings highlighting any deficiencies and issues detected. Premised on our findings, we defend our client’s interest and provide an appropriate legal framework for capturing the desired transaction in a way that potential risks are minimized and a fair deal value is attained.

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