Executive coaching

Executive coaching is a development method, which helps a leader to leverage awareness and understanding of business activities, ideas and experience without being taught.

Coach is always following client agenda with an attitude, which is free from judgement, is reflective and non- directive. Executive coach therefore does not need a profound experience in a coaches’ field of activity. Coach does not advise, this is a job for consulting and mentoring. Coaches’ main tools are active listening, powerful questioning, reflecting and specific tools to expand awareness and zone of comfort. An optimal length of coaching engagement is 6-8 coaching sessions over a 6-months period.

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching aims to maximize the performance of a team, supports in giving sense to team experience, ideas and future challenges.

Combining powerful questioning with High Performance Teamwork techniques coach will create a situation where there “the ball” is always in team hands.

Coach will create the agenda and interventions based on team member(s) input and a team leader vision on a team status and journey ahead. Team coaching helps to co-create team purpose, team priorities, build trust, find pro-active ways to collaborate, build contracts within the team and agree in ways-of-working. Most common sessions outcomes include strategy planning, priorities action planning, team vision, mission or values description, team agreements, etc.

The group size is exactly one real team, which is expected to perform effectively with high trust, shared goals and effective collaboration. Replacing team members for coaching workshops might even reduce the session effectiveness when they are not sharing equivalent objectives, roles and expectations.

When not to use Team Coaching:

  • To fix an individual underperformance- this is a job for a Line Manager or HR manager. If the team dysfunction is clearly a result of one or more member underperformance – the situation can get worse when the whole team will reveal and focus the issue.
  • The team composition is clearly outdated and the team does not fit to the organisation.

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Leader Development Support

Personalized development support is a combination of coaching methods and advisory tools.

Together the present situation and future needs will be mapped. As an outcome from a gap analysis a tailor-made leader competences based development plan will be created.

Highly useful for:

  • Preparing talent for a role with higher self-awareness and leader competences requirement.
  • To support a newly appointed team leader for quick and effective on boarding.

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