Keeping all finance roles in-house is not always the most efficient approach. It is also becoming increasingly more difficult and costly to find the right talent, which is why outsourcing financial responsibilities to agile and experienced professionals can be a wise decision.

Our external CFOs will apply to your business their vast insights and expertise, which they have accumulated over years of experience working across different industries and projects. Moreover, as your needs and organization evolve and grow, having an outourced CFO provides you with the flexibility to adjust the mandate assigned to us.

Grant Thornton Baltics outsourced CFO service aids organizations of all sizes and across all industries with our deep experience in varying financial roles and our seasoned knowledge of how to work effectively with key external stakeholders. Whether you are in a time of transition, facing challenges or an unexpected opportunity, we can help fill the talent gap, whether on an interim or part-time basis, providing the agility and flexibility you need to be cost effective. We do this with a consistent collaborative approach, ensuring that the services we provide to you match your unique needs and leverage the existing talent and capacity in your organization, as appropriate.

Our team will be available, as you require, both virtually and on a hybrid basis across Estonia. Providing you great access to top talent as you need it. Our financial professionals assist with a wide variety of operational and planning services, including:

  • Support with financial forecasts, budgets & scenario analysis.
  • Cash management and cash optimization processes.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate interim financial reporting.
  • Financial stewardship and implementing controls over company assets.
  • Enhancing the decision making for owners, founders and CEOs with application of financial tools (break even analysis, project profitability, estimating to optimize pricing, contribution margin analysis, resource optimization).
  • Have an overview of your overall client portfolio and revenue per customer.
  • Taking part in meetings and being available for your organization to leverage our unique knowledge and expertise.
  • Ensuring you have an experienced financial team backing you in bank and stakeholder negotiations.

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Business Intelligence

We are here to help you make sense of these numbers by offering business analytics combined with financial management.

Valuable information for decision making

Data visualisation tool Tableau that we use in the business analytics helps by visualising numbers to discover valuable information for making business decisions. The data for analysis comes from your accounting, client management and other relevant datasets that are available.

In addition to reporting we offer continuous financial and management advice to help you improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

Our business analytics service allows you to:

  • Measure, monitor and forecast sales and financial indicators
  • Have an overview of your overall client portfolio and revenue per customer
  • Monitor performance of your marketing campaigns
  • Compare revenues and costs with the budget
  • Make and track future projections (forecasts)
  • Optimise business processes and activities
  • Improve company’s efficiency

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Need help with mapping and structuring the available data and integrating business intelligence technology in your company?

Check our business intelligence service in digital services