According to Estonian Commercial Code § 631 every Estonian company, that has a management board which does not situate in Estonia, i.e. it is being managed remotely, must appoint an Estonian contact person.

Only institutions indicated by law, including audit firms, may act as a contact person. The contact person must give its business name and legal contacts to Estonian Commercial Register, taking full responsibility for the handling of the correspondence of the company thereof. The correspondence received by the contact person is deemed to be received.

In case the contact person is not registered in the Commercial Register and the registry has detected the non-compliance, the registrar shall give the company 1-3 months to fulfil its obligation to appoint a contact person. Upon a failure to appoint a contact person during the given period, the registrar may start a compulsory dissolution of the company.

The contact person service provided by Grant Thornton includes:

  • receiving and delivering customer physical letters;
  • managing customer emails received on the contact person email address;
  • a brief overview of the content of letters that may have legal consequences.

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