From start-ups to exit strategies.

The integration of markets, free movement of goods, capital and people and innovations in technology have created faster, easier and cheaper ways to do business. However, the revealed opportunities are often hindered by problems inherent in highly regulated markets, changes in legislation, competitive pressure from market players and multi-sided legal relations. The key to success, applicable as a general rule in different areas of activity, frequently lies in efficiently adapting to the surrounding environment, inter alia to the legal environment.

In many cases the business is as successful and sustainable as is the legal framework it has been founded on. Getting it right the first time and building a strong regulated setting for company’s economic activities is essential for any emerging start-up or expanding market player. Grant Thornton Baltic can provide valuable assistance in finding the right legal solutions – e.g. deciding on the appropriate legal structure for the enterprise, drafting foundation acts, appropriate company by-laws and corporate documents, acquiring various permits and registrations, establishing strong legal relations with suppliers and partners, writing service or sale agreements as well as internal employment contracts and procedures, protecting company’s intellectual property, minimizing liabilities in front of consumers and transaction parties and ensuring compliance with market regulations, taxation and accounting principles.

Furthermore, Grant Thornton Baltic contributes to the operating companies’ efforts to increase their value to the stakeholders and enhance their performance. Such objectives may be achieved through various strategies: e.g. by relying on the organic growth of the company (introducing new products or services, opening new outlets, expanding to new markets), establishing cooperation agreements (joint ventures, franchises, research projects, production and distribution agreements), initiating takeovers and mergers or by optimizing current business models and minimizing risks (transfer of assets, group restructuring). Whatever the chosen strategies are, this is what we at Grant Thornton Baltic do best. With the backing from our in-house financial analysts and tax experts, we rationalize our client’s best options and provide professional advice on the full range of corporate matters.

Our expertise will not fall short also when it comes to selling the undertaking, withdrawing from the market or winding-up the business. We provide a sophisticated exit strategy that retains the value of the company in the best way possible under the circumstances.