When business functions are divided between different entities, it is important to organize the value chain of the group in the best interest of the stakeholders. Diversification, separation of different assets or business units, expansion plans, cost-efficiency and more favourable tax treatment are just some examples of driving forces behind business restructuring needs. Input from Grant Thornton Baltic legal advisers and services of our tax experts and financial analysts can help to identify such needs and guarantee a satisfying outcome in various procedures under corporate law – e.g. making alternations in shareholdings or management, adjusting business operations and contractual relations, establishing subsidiaries or branches, conducting mergers, acquisitions, divisions, carve-outs, spin-offs, management buy-ins or buy-outs.

At the same time, it should not be left unconsidered that people are often the most important resource of the company and appropriate management of internal relations may well define the sustainability of the whole business even when the general legal structure is in place. The know-how held by key-employees of the company, the skills of experienced workers, client relations tied to a certain business manager or contributions by shareholders may even be of critical importance to the company. The legal issues to be regulated within an organization may therefore vary from protecting the intellectual property of the company and establishing competition restrictions to developing effective incentives and compensation mechanisms.

Legal advisers of Grant Thornton Baltic have extensive experience in handling complex horizontal and vertical relations of an organization. Advising agreements between shareholders, regulating the responsibilities, authorities and liabilities of management body members and business managers, developing coherent internal work procedures and preparing employment contracts, agreements on confidentiality and various notices have been in the centre of our primary practice areas.

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