HR management process audit conducts a health assessment of a company’s human resource management processes.

From the management perspective, it is also important to assess whether human resources operations are compliant with             

  • the law
  • the best practices.

A HR management audit assessment can be performed as a documentation audit or a more comprehensive assessment of human resource management processes. Depending on the scope of the HR management audit the assessment may include review of documentation, interviews with management and employees, as well as a written survey conducted among management and employees.

The audit assessment will produce a report of findings for management (and employees if deemed necessary), as well as a list of recommendations for HR management improvement.

The audit report will give a good overview of the current situation and the possibility to evaluate whether the existing situation and outcomes are satisfactory. If the outcome does not satisfy the company’s needs, that is a good reason for initiating changes and setting new goals.

HR management audit is a good starting point for preparing and implementing a human resource management action plan.

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