There are several technical solutions available today that allow surveys to be easily conducted among the employees, however the clarity and usability of the results depends on the quality of the questions as well as the well-designed objectives of the survey.

Collected data must be analysed, and conclusions drawn that attempt to address the original objectives of the survey. Only after the aforementioned steps the informative and substantial decisions can be made, supported by the collected results.

In order for the survey to succeed its schedule, objectives and process should be planned, so that it will be easy for all the participants to fill it in and allow sufficient time for submitting the responses.

The questions must be articulated unambiguously, and the goal of the survey explained to the employees in an adequate manner.

Employees will certainly be interested in why the survey is being conducted, whether it is anonymous, how the answers will be managed and how the obtained information will be used.

After completion of the survey, we can organize the feedback sessions to participants as well as offer our support in drafting and implementing the action plan.

  • Assessment of the organizational culture.
  • Employee satisfaction and dedication surveys.
  • 360-degree feedback to managers.

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