Grant Thornton Baltic sworn auditors Mariliis Rahkema, Kristiine Villemi and Merle Rõbovõitra are procurators for the company as of October, which will make the service provided to audit clients smoother and more efficient.

To this point only Grant Thornton Baltic partners Mati Nõmmiste, Artur Suits, Janno Greenbaum and Aivar Kangust and procurators Maarika Lihtsa and Tarmo Rahkama could conclude agreements with clients on performance of an audit or review or provide auditor’s opinions, the three new procurators can also do so, easing the workload for our partners and the other procurators.

Grant Thornton Baltic’s lead partner and sworn auditor Mati Nõmmiste said that for clients, the move will mean smoother communication and the chance to devote even more time and attention to each client. “Not only partners can be in the role of managing, reviewing and signing off on the audit process, but our procurators can carry out these functions as well. Our clients will gain, as will our new procurators, as it’s a good professional challenge for them as sworn auditors, developing them and providing new experiences,” said Nõmmiste, adding that being appointed a procurator serves as recognition from the company and an indication of the trust placed in them.

The Estonian Commercial Code defines a procurator as a representative of an undertaking with the right to represent the undertaking in concluding all transactions related to economic activity.

Kristiine Villemi

Mariliis Rahkema

Merle Rõbovõitra