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Grant Thornton Baltic has new partners in Estonia and Lithuania

In autumn 2020, Grant Thornton Baltic expanded its circle of partners, giving two long-term employees in Estonia and two in Lithuania the opportunity to have a say at the highest level of the organization.

The new partners in Estonia are head of financial advisory Mikk Mägi and sworn auditor Tarmo Rahkama. In Lithuania, accounting department manager Sergejus Abakumovas and audit department manager Darius Gliaubicas joined the inner circle. With a total of 200 employees, Grant Thornton Baltic now has 18 partners in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

“I’m proud of the fact that another successive crop of new partners has sprung from within our own ranks. We value dedication, personal development and the desire to get things done. The new partners exemplify these values, and they’re also good leaders of people and both develop and maintain client relations,” said leading partner Mati Nõmmiste, who was one of the founders of Grant Thornton Baltic 28 years ago.

Mikk Mägi-Grant Thornton Baltic-350x350.pngMikk Mägi has worked for Grant Thornton Baltic for eight years, and gone from junior audit assistant to head of the financial advisory services. A number of new services were developed at his initiative, such as business analytics, and the new Tableau business analysis software was implemented. Mägi says he sees the financial and business advisory sector as having great potential throughout the Baltics. “My goal in the years ahead is to grow the field on the business consultation and transaction advisory side. At the personal level, I wish to develop the leadership skills a manager needs to become even better and contribute to the development of younger colleagues even more purposefully,” said Mägi.

Tarmo Rahlama-Grant Thornton Baltic-350x350.pngTarmo Rahkama started working for Grant Thornton Baltic 13 years ago as a junior audit assistant and soon became a sworn auditor. Rahkama administers a voluminous client portfolio and is able to successfully get different people and departments working together. In talking about Grant Thornton Baltic’s organization culture, Rahkama mentioned that for him it was valuable for a person’s development potential to be noticed and possibilities found to make maximum use of their talents and skills. “My journey from junior assistant to full partner is a good example,” he said. “In the years ahead, I want to direct my attention even more to making the client and employee experience as ideal as possible.”

Sergejus Abakumovas and Darius Gliaubicas have a long service record at Grant Thornton Baltic in Lithuania, similarly to their Estonian counterparts they have had an impressive career. Both are professionals in their field, and their experience and knowledge have contributed greatly to the development of the company. “In these uncertain times where the economic situation is changing fast, the company must be capable of responding rapidly to the changes and taking important decisions. They must also be ready to respond to clients’ changing needs. That makes efficient, results-oriented cooperation at the partner level important. The addition of the new partners will definitely support this effort,” said Grant Thornton Baltic’s Lithuanian managing partner Genadijus Makuševas.

Founded in 1992, Grant Thornton Baltic is one of the leading audit, outsourcing and tax, legal, financial and business advisory service providers in the Baltics. The company employs 200 people and provides services to several thousand clients. In the last financial year, Grant Thornton Baltic had a turnover in the Baltics of 10.8 million euros and turnover was up 16%.

Since 2012, Grant Thornton Baltic has been part of the Grant Thornton network of companies, represented in more than 135 countries with 53,000 employees. Grant Thornton is among the world’s seven largest audit, tax and advisory companies.

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