Company operations What if your accountant isn’t working a few cubicles away?
In the business world, success comes from focusing on your field and working your way to the top. But that takes time and dedication. So if you are just going
Payroll service 8 reasons to outsource payroll
Below we list eight main reasons why companies prefer outsourcing payroll operations instead of a dedicated in-house department.
Payroll service Estonian companies prefer outsourcing payroll
More and more Estonian companies have ceased to perform their own payroll functions but rather outsource it to a service provider. The reason for this is the
Outsourcing A growing trend – outsourcing payroll accounting
A growing trend – outsourcing payroll accounting
Parental benefit Calculation of parental benefit to change starting 1 September
The calculation of tax-exempt income changed in 2018. To avoid the obligation to pay additional income tax on the basis of tax returns, more attention must be
Labour Law Don’t forget to dismiss your temporary employee after the contract ends!
Temporary employees are usually employed under fixed-term employment contracts, and it is important to note the differences compared to contracts with
Labour law When an employment relationship ends in discord
According to the Employment Contracts Act, there are two grounds for cancelling an employment contract: ordinary and extraordinary. The easiest option is
Employment Contracts Act Working on public holidays must be paid at double the rate
The midsummer holidays of St. John’s Day and Victory Day are getting closer and it is the right time to look at working on public holidays. When do employees
GDPR Processing of personal data in employment relations
A year has passed since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018. The main purpose of the regulation is to give