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Recognition of our most outstanding in 2023

Last Friday evening, we got together with our people to recognize the most outstanding achievements, celebrate successfully completed projects, and to hand over the Grant Thornton Baltic's 2023 best employee awards.

Our entire team has put in a lot of effort last year and every recognition, nomination and award is more than one hundred percent earned! The fact that we achieve the best results when we do it through cooperation, with open mind and a commitment to quality was echoed in the winners' acceptance speeches.

The atmosphere in the Põhjala factory, where the party was held, was absolutely wonderful. When our people come together, they really live in every step, so the style of the party "rock" was fiercely executed through different eras! 

The winners are in front of you! Read the warm and beautiful excerpts from our people's supportive comments to the nominees. 

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Internal project of the year 2023 

Grant Thornton Baltic women's successful BIG4 football tournament

A really fun and sporty Grant Thornton Baltic women's cooperation project. Their quick response to put together a team, serious training and good teamwork led to a great performance at the BIG4 soccer tournament. The achieved second place was well earned!

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Client project team of the year 2023 

Anastassia Volmerson, Diana Varik, Erika Amberg, Kadi Raus, Kristel Tiits, Mailian-Elisabeth Matsina, Rainer Paisujõe, Valerija Mukho

Last year's most outstanding client project is characterized by an innovative and open approach, cooperation between several departments and finding creative the solutions to unexpected hurdles related to the project.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Grant Thornton Baltic's Soul 2023: Tarmo Rahkama 

It doesn't matter whether we run, play football or eat cake. He is always there! A true bearer of Grant Thornton Baltic values, always helpful and cheerful. The good mood ambassador! In addition to his main work as a partner and audit manager, he is always hands on organiser and active participant of our events, helping to bring people together.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Grant Thornton Baltic's Ambassador 2023: Gaily Kuusik

Gaily has represented and kept Grant Thornton Baltic in the picture, contributed to the company's development and team spirit. ​She has been in magazines, on television, and on the radio and has an inspiring lets-do-it attitude. She leads, shines and moves Grant Thornton Baltic's accounting department forward with full care.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Cooperation of the year 2023: Accounting team 

The accounting department stood out this year! The year brought many changes, but together they managed to adapt to them well. For the satisfaction of both the clients and the team, the entire department worked hard and supported each other! The quick and effective resolutions of several different challenges resulted in very high client feedback.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Back office employee of the year 2023: Sandra Hints 

Sandra's radiant strength and zeal is an inspiration to us all. Sandra responds very quickly and always helps, she is solution-oriented and also open to complex challenges.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Audit manager of the year 2023: Merle Rõbovõitra 

Merle pays great attention to quality, makes a strong contribution to the management of her group and to the development of new managers. Hardworking, specific yet helpful – we really like her work culture.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Audit consultant of the year 2023: Maris Parve

Maris is able to achieve good results and can deal with challenges effectively. Her active contribution to the team activities and ability to see the bigger picture make her an outstanding junior consultant.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Newcomer in audit of the year 2023: Janar Kukke 

Janar not only completes tasks, but is constantly looking for ways to optimize and improve the workflow, thereby providing a refreshing perspective to the team. He always has innovative and practical solutions.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Advisor of the year 2023: Urzula Välb 

What's admirable about Urzula is that she really does her job with passion. A colleague who gets the most done and then some more. She is always ready to answer the questions of her colleagues and help them with meaningful insights.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Newcomer in consulting of the year 2023: Getriin Riimand

Getriin settled in quickly and it seems as if she has been with us for a long time. She is extremely conscientious, always thinks along 100% and is proactive. As a very fast learner, even as an intern she could be involved in complex projects, where she did well.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Group manager of the year 2023: Tiina Põri 

Tiina can carry more than anyone else, she takes care of her team members and works from the heart. She constantly works to ensure that all work processes run smoothly and that the department has effective internal controls. She remains positive and solution-oriented even in difficult circumstances.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Junior Accountant of the year 2023: Stella Villemson 

Stella's accuracy and ability to concentrate are amazing. She takes part in very large projects and does not say no to challenges. She is smart, sees the bigger picture and always asks the right questions.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Newcomer in accounting of the year 2023: ​Pillerin Maninen 

When Pillerin came, she won everyone over. She is caring and friendly. No detail escapes her notice and everything gets arranged and explained. A colleague who always helps and is not afraid to share feedback. She does her work thoroughly and with soul, and is able to put herself into the clients's shoes.

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


Tartu team member of the year 2023: ​Ingrid Ojassoo

Ingrid brought a breath of fresh air to our Tartu office. She was exactly what we had missed! She is smart, bright and resourceful, can offer good solutions and is a good organiser. We feel that our Tartu team is well taken care of!

Grant Thornton Balticu Märgatud 2023


It is a great pleasure to see our company blessed with so much talent. Recognition of our people is an important part of our company culture, and we are confident that it helps to strengthen team bonding and increase motivation.

We thank our wonderful people, because without you we wouldn't be the awesome, friendly and successful company we are!

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