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Meelika Mülla receives sworn auditor certification

We are very pleased to announce that our longstanding audit manager Meelika Mülla received her professional certification as sworn auditor on 23 January 2024. Grant Thornton Baltic now employs 13 sworn auditors and five sworn auditors for public sector. 

Meelika Mülla

Meelika joined Grant Thornton Baltic in 2013. Her experience in conducting audits of companies operating in different fields is impressive and as an audit manager, she has done excellent work supervising our audit team. In 2021, her co-workers recognized her with the title of Audit Manager of the Year.

“Considering that the road to becoming a sworn auditor is long and requires both experience and passing eight different examinations, I’m very glad that our young audit managers are finding time to undertake and complete this journey,” said Grant Thornton Baltic Partner and Head of Audit Services, Mart Nõmper.

He added that Grant Thornton Baltic supports their employees along the way to professional development. “Over the years, a great number of sworn auditors have come out of our organisation and many of them still work for us. We are continuing on the same course, to offer our clients the best possible service and the diligent work of our auditors and sworn auditors also helps increase the transparency and trustworthiness of the Estonian economic environment.”