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Veni, vidi, vici!

We’re happy to announce that sworn auditor Bert Haabu was awarded certification as sworn auditor for the public sector in early March. Grant Thornton Baltic now employs 12 sworn auditors and five public sector sworn auditors.

Bert Haabu, Grant Thornton Baltic
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Partner and head of audit services Mart Nõmper notes that the entities subject to public sector accounting include not only local government units and state sector units but also legal persons in public law (State Forest Management Centre, University of Tartu, etc.) and some of Estonia’s largest companies (such as Eesti Energia). “A sworn auditor who is up to date with the specific nuances of public sector accounting gives Grant Thornton Baltic’s more than 100-strong team the chance to provide even better service to clients,” Nõmper said regarding the adding of the public sector sworn auditor. 

Colleague Bert Haabu is a great example of how a smart, enthusiastic person who is passionate about learning can quickly develop in their profession and conquer new peaks. Haabu was hired by Grant Thornton Baltic in 2019 when he became a junior consultant. As he himself puts it, it was a good chance to enter the audit world, because a junior consultant was not required to have work experience in the field. “The structure of the career model in the audit field is “apprentice to journeyman, journeyman to master”. Several years of experience under the tutelage of competent auditors was very instrumental to my growth,” said Haabu.

In 2021, Haabu became the head of our orientation programme for new audit assistants and in December 2022 he successfully passed the sworn auditor examination. His colleagues also selected him as the audit consultant of the year in 2021 and 2022.

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