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Grant Thornton Baltic's family of sworn auditors has expanded!

Bert Haabu, our audit assistant manager, successfully passed the sworn auditor exam in December 2022 and became a sworn auditor. Congratulations, Bert!

Bert Haabu 350x350px.pngBert joined Grant Thornton Baltic as a junior audit assistant in 2019. He is a good example of how an eager apprentice quickly develops into a master with the support of experienced colleagues. Bert also stated that several years of work experience under experienced auditors has been very developmental for him. "Thanks to the diversity of my work, I have been able to learn from many managers with different backgrounds and experiences in various projects and expand my horizons by meeting companies operating in various fields. Now, in turn, I am a trainer of younger colleagues, and I am very happy to pass on what I have learned to others."

Colleagues chose Bert as audit consultant of the year in 2021, justifying his nomination as follows: "Bert has grown from a good assistant to a team leader during the year, he inspires colleagues to actively participate in various activities and projects. He also became the head of the on-boarding program for new audit assistants, and our new colleagues have had a lot of praise for him."

Bert also received the title of audit consultant of the year in 2022. Colleagues pointed out that Bert's dedication is remarkable, and Bert set a record of sorts by completing all the modules of the sworn auditor’s exams in record time.

Bert has set himself the goal of continuous professional development in his work as a sworn auditor. In 2023, Bert moved up the career ladder to the position of audit assistant manager, where he devotes himself to leading and guiding younger colleagues as well as providing high-quality customer service.

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