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Mart Nõmper back on board of the Auditors’ Association

We are pleased to announce that Grant Thornton Baltic’s partner and sworn auditor Mart Nõmper was elected to the six-member board of the Auditors’ Association.

It is not a new role for Nõmper – he was a member of the last board, which served from 2019 to 2022. Nõmper gave a number of reasons why he actively participates in the professional organization besides his already busy work as an auditor. “The expectations of society and legislators for auditors must be clear and take into account what the auditor can and cannot do based on the standards of our professional activity. By notifying the public, we can better meet the expectations placed on us and the reputation of the profession rises in society.”

Secondly, Nõmper noted that thanks to new developments, it is important for auditors to keep up with developments in their field and their range of services should broaden. “Auditors must become more than just providers of assurance that accounting information is correct and be providers of assurance as to the certainty of more types of information. In future, precise account will be kept on environmental, social and governance impacts, where auditors will also be called on to provide assurance. That makes our profession more important and attractive for the new generation as well,” said Nõmper.

Partner at Grant Thornton Baltic and Head of Audit Services, Mart became a sworn auditor in 2001. He is also a sworn auditor for the public sector, a forensic expert with state certification and a member of the supervisory board of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.

The Auditors’ Association was founded in 1999 as a legal person in public law. Its members are all of the sworn auditors licensed in Estonia (344 specialists) as well as all licensed auditing enterprises (137 legal persons).

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