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Grant Thornton Baltic Managers Conference 2022

Last week we held our annual Managers' Conference with Grant Thornton Baltic teams from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. In the 30th anniversary year, we met at the Environmental Education Center of the Tallinn Zoo. Contrary to the plans of the sloth who greeted us at the door, our schedule was busy, versatile, and very exciting.

Traditionally we went through the results of the three countries from the past year and the focuses for the new year presented by the local partners. The first half can be summed up in two words: great job! Other important keywords are our people, new talent, developments in service lines and new services, constantly changing needs of customers, etc.

We were once again pleased to welcome several foreign guests, including colleagues from the Grant Thornton network. Sue Stewart, associate director of Grant Thornton International Ltd, talked about what Grant Thornton focuses on at the international level, the trends, and developments.

Olesija Saue made an effective presentation about personal branding, its possibilities, and being a company brand ambassador. As the results of the team discussions and flash presentations were so practical and valuable, we will implement several ideas immediately. An inspiring and intriguing interlude by the legendary Aleksei Turovski about altruism in the animal kingdom made the mind travel to deeper levels.

Kyriakos Parpounas, head of sustainability services and a specialist from the Grant Thornton Cyprus team, spoke about sustainability from the point of view of the world, the company, and the service line. The importance of responsible business, as well as the new laws and requirements concerning it, increasingly affect the work of both large and small companies. The continued development of Sustainability Services (ESG) is one of our focuses for 2023.

Many thanks to all participants and guests! We thank 4Sisters catering for encouraging thinking with their deliciousness. Also, many thanks to the Tallinn Zoo Environmental Education Center for creating a such pleasant environment.

See you at the Grant Thornton Baltic Managers' Conference 2023!

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