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We signed the diversity charter

On June 10, 11 Estonian companies and organizations signed the Estonian Diversity Charter.

The companies that confirmed their commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion are Wunder, Enics Estonia, SOL Baltics, MoveMyTalent, Creditstar Group, E-government Academy, Vanalinna Ehitus, Grant Thornton Baltic, Via 3L, Playtech and IPF Digital.

The Estonian Diversity Charter is a voluntary agreement, by signing which, the company, NGO, or public sector organisation confirms that they respect human diversity and value the principle of equal treatment among their employees, partners, as well as clients. In Estonia, the Charter now has 124 signees.

2020-Diversity charter-Grant Thornton Baltic-Mati NõmmisteGrant Thornton Baltic has valued diversity for many years - when recruiting employees and developing a team, we are not concerned with people's age, gender or nationality, but we consider people's desire to grow and develop important. "Diversity provides an opportunity to see the world from a broader perspective than only the eyes of oneself and ones like it allow. Therefore, diversity is an integral part of a good organizational culture and one of the cornerstones. Diversity is a matter of course for our company. At the same time, diversity cannot be considered an end in itself, but without relying on diversity, it is not possible to achieve the goals facing the company,” Grant Thornton Baltic's managing partner Mati Nõmmiste explained why diversity is important in the company.

According to Marge Litvinova, HR Manager at Grant Thornton Baltic, it is very important for people to feel that their knowledge, skills and initiative are valued in the organization, and not based on their gender, age or leadership with promotion or development opportunities. "Equal treatment is a prerequisite for developing a good organizational culture. This, in turn, is the key to good customer service, because when people are good at work, they are happy to do their jobs, and this is also reflected in customer relationships,” Litvinova confirmed.

According to him, joining the diversity agreement gives Grant Thornton Baltic a good opportunity to get acquainted with and learn from the experiences of other organizations that value diversity. "We are part of the international network of Grant Thornton consulting companies and therefore we have had a good opportunity to exchange experiences with foreign colleagues from all over the world. Now we are happy to learn from Estonian companies as well, "said Marge Litvinova.

2020-Diversity Charter-Grant Thornton Baltic

A diversity agreement is a voluntary agreement by which a company affirms that it respects the diversity of people and values the principle of equal treatment among its employees, partners and customers. To date, more than 120 organizations in Estonia have joined the agreement, and the network is run by the Estonian Center for Human Rights.

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