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Riin Veidenberg has been awarded the qualification of a certified internal auditor

Riin Veidenberg, Grant Thornton Baltic's risk management services advisor, successfully passed the International Institute of Internal Auditors' Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam and on October 27 was awarded the qualification of a certified internal auditor.

Riin Veidenberg-Grant Thornton-350x350px.pngThe professional level of a certified internal auditor, based on a CIA certificate, gives the right to prepare and approve internal audit reports in private companies, credit institutions, insurers and listed institutions. "The professional level of a certified internal auditor enables us to offer the internal audit services to all organizations, including those whose internal auditor requirements are of the highest level," Riin Veidenberg specified.

Riin Veidenberg, who has worked at Grant Thornton Baltic for almost two years, is an experienced internal auditor. In addition to passing the CIA exam in October this year, she has previously passed the Certified Public Sector Internal Auditor Exam (holds a CGAP certificate) and holds the professional level of Public Sector Internal Auditor.

Grant Thornton Baltic employs 4 internal auditors, one of whom has a CIA certificate and a certified internal auditor's professional level, two of whom have a CGAP certificate and a public sector entity's internal auditor's professional level. In addition, one internal auditor has the professional level of both a sworn auditor and a public sector sworn auditor.

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