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Visit our new website!

In September, Grant Thornton Baltic launched its new website, featuring a simpler structure and a more modern look. The site now has better support for mobile web.

The new website stems from a desire to offer comprehensive and easily retrievable information on our company’s services, values and history. We also consider it important to share practical advice on topics such as accounting, taxation and legal matters.

The main page of the site features articles and overviews on current topics. Under services, you’ll find information on all the products we offer: audit and accounting services, tax, legal, financial and business advice. The training and seminars section features upcoming events and presents some of our past training sessions.

Because our most important value is our staff – the people who take care of Grant Thornton Baltic customers every day, offering professional and friendly service – we provide a more in-depth introduction to our personnel. But our lives aren’t only about work. Visit the careers section to read about what our people enjoy in their spare time and what values they consider important. The contact form can be used to send us queries and requests for quotes. You’ll also find our telephone number if you prefer to talk to a person on the other end.

Grant Thornton Baltic customers who operate in other countries besides Estonia and use our services in those locations will benefit from knowing that in the near future, all of the websites of the companies in the Grant Thornton network will have an identical style and structure. If you visit a Grand Thornton page in Latvia or Sweden, it will be organised the same as the Estonian counterpart and the familiar environment will make it easier to get the information you need.

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