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Meelika Mülla
Tallinn, Estonia
Audit manager

Meelika Mülla

Meelika’s balanced approach, consistency and work ethic are the main reasons she is so well-regarded as an audit manager. The fact that she relishes solving complicated issues comes as an additional merit in her position.

Meelika came to Grant Thornton Baltic in 2013. In addition to auditing companies, financial accounting and financial analysis, her daily work includes planning audits, project management, and supervising the audit team.

It is very important to Meelika and her audit team to regularly exceed the clients’ expectations.

Proffessional affiliations

  • Audit Manager of the Year 2021
  • Corporate finance and accounting, master’s degree, Tallinn University of Technology
  • Public sector economy, bachelor’s degree, Tallinn University of Technology
Meelika Mülla
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Audit manager
Meelika Mülla
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