Usually Christmas is the time of year that those in need are noticed more and get more attention and donations than usual. We want to help instil the ethos that you can do good in the other months of the year as well.

To assist those in need, we select some projects or initiatives each year where we see we can be useful. For example, in 2022 we supported Ukraine through two non-profits, MTÜ Eesti Pagulasabi (refugee aid) and MTÜ Ukraina Kultuurikeskus (Ukrainian cultural centre) and also funded Grant Thornton International’s Grant Thornton Ukraine support fund to assist our Ukrainian colleagues. In 2021, we invited employees to be donors and organised a food drive for the Estonian Food Bank. In the past we have helped needy families through the charity Aarete Laegas. Staff in our Tallinn and Tartu offices collected a large assortment of clothing, shoes, toys and useful household goods.

In addition to the charity projects selected annually, we have a longer-term relationship with a number of charity funds. We have provided financial support for years to the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation, the Estonian Friends of the Zoo and the Hille Tänavsuu cancer treatment foundation The Gift of Life. For years, we had a tradition of being able to donate a sum of money from the company as a birthday gift, with a choice of three charity recipients.

A good deed warms the heart of both giver and recipient!