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30 years in business

Three decades on a path of growth

Our company celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2022. To store all the important milestones and great events and assure that our story would not be forgotten, we have published the book "Three decades on a path of growth. The story of Grant Thornton Baltic".

2022 GTB30 book cover-500x500.pngWe involved many current and former employees as well as customers and competitors in the creation of the book - many thanks to everyone who shared their memories and impressions! Many thanks to the author Heli Lehtsaar-Karma, who collected all the fragments of memories and wove them into a complete story, and to the designer Einike Soosaar, who moulded the exciting story into a beautiful form.

In addition to the classic paper book in Estonian, the story summarizing our three decades of work has also been published online:

We will continue to document our new activities, so keep an eye on the online book!

Enjoy reading our memories and have fun with the numerous photos!

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