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Maili Torma, a data protection specialist at Grant Thornton Baltic, received the ISO27001 lead auditor certificate.

Maili Torma, the data protection specialist at Grant Thornton Baltic and the founder and board member of the Estonian Data Protection Association, was recently issued an international ISO 27001 lead auditor certificate in addition to the previously acquired CIPP/E and CIPM certificates.

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized independent information security management standard that provides a variety of standard requirements (a set of requirements) for both data protection and cyber security 

professionals and companies.

The certificate of lead auditor enables Grant Thornton Baltic to offer comprehensive information security solutions in the field of data protection and cyber security services, including performing information security audits based on the best-known international standard ISO 27001, as well as assisting companies in applying for ISO 27001 certification.

In the field of data protection, it is a well-known saying that information security can be done without data protection, but without information security there is no data protection. That is why Maili Torma, the leading data protection advisor and specialist, finds that her combined knowledge and experience in the field of data protection and information security in Estonia is unique. "Data protection CIPP/E and information security ISO 27001 lead auditor certificates are a relatively unique combination, as information security managers and auditors often see data protection as lawyers field of activity, while lawyers have no motivation to take the exam required to obtain an information security auditor certificate," she comments on the importance of the new certificate for the provider of integrated data protection and information security services.

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