Your development

Much of the value we offer our clients is created through the specialist skills and deep knowledge of our people. So it’s not surprising that training and development are taken very seriously at Grant Thornton Baltic.

The approach here is all about giving everyone the energetic support and first-class resources they need to drive their own learning. Once we have an understanding of your aspirations, recognize your strengths and identify your development needs we encourage you to draw up a personal development plan and set your objectives. This process is supported by your line manager and tailored to your individual needs.

To realize this plan, there is a huge range of formal and informal learning opportunities for you to explore. You might, for example, take part in a networking event where knowledge is shared and issues are discussed. You could attend one of the formal training courses or you might take advantage of our burgeoning suite of e-learning modules, which enable everyone in the firm to follow their own interests at a pace that suits them.

And of course, one of the best ways to grow professionally is by gaining new experiences. The size and shape of Grant Thornton Baltic’s business mean the possibilities for career mobility are practically endless. If you’re interested in trying fresh challenges, there’s always a new sector to investigate, a new client group to work with, or even a new service area to learn about.

The opportunities aren’t limited to the Estonia either. As part of the Grant Thornton global network of member firms, we’re in a position to offer secondments and permanent roles on a truly global scale.