A methodical, evidence-based review of whether data processors and personal data processing are in conformity with applicable requirements. Auditing enables the data controller to demonstrate that the principles relating to processing of personal data are being followed.

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Data protection due diligence

Data protection due diligence uncovers non-conformities and potential risks from previous data processing before a planned M&A or prior entering into a partnership.

GDPR compliance audit

GDPR compliance audit determines whether personal data is being processed in compliance with legal requirements or are there any gaps and what changes should be made to achieve compliance.

Ad hoc audit

Auditing of a specific instance of data processing, a process, an organisational or technical measure, a part of the data life cycle, the obligations of the data processor or other data protection requirements. An ad hoc type of audit is a useful tool for any organisation to ensure specific areas of data protection are verified to be compliant. It also enables efficient and productive use of the budget and annual audit plan regarding data protection activities.