Our agile advisory services are geared to planning and carrying out a strategic approach and resolving issues that arise in day-to-day operations. The possibility of calling on us as needed allows the organisation to effectively keep track of requirements in the field of data protection and lets personnel in charge of data protection successfully fulfil their duties.

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Active support for specialists and managers

On-demand advice for compliance, data protection, legal, human resources and IT specialists and managers regarding data protection matters and challenges they may encounter in the course of their duties. Positions responsible for addressing, managing or governing data protection topics need a comprehensive and in-depth overview, and our advisory services provide solid support for specialists in different fields.

Strategic planning and new projects

We advise the organisation’s leadership, owners and supervisory board in designing privacy strategies and in making decisions that have long-term significance regarding the organisation’s approach to privacy topics. We thoroughly consider privacy aspects and the sustainability of managing privacy when planning new core business or support activities or transforming existing ones.