Our services will help you to be trustworthy and transparent when it comes to data processing. We can audit and analyse processing of personal data, initiate company-wide projects, and raise the organisation’s capability for handling privacy issues in a timely and sustainable manner.

Access to the Grant Thornton network enables the use of specialists with expert knowledge of global and local jurisdictions. Read on for detailed descriptions of our privacy services.

Detailed descriptions of the services can be found below.

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Data protection and privacy

Data protection audit

A data protection audit clarifies whether personal information is collected, processed, and stored in your organization in accordance with the law and other requirements. During the audit, we check whether the activities of data processors and the processing of personal data comply with the requirements for the protection of personal data.

Advisory services

We help both the organization's management and specialists to analyze data protection and privacy requirements and offer solutions. We also analyze and resolve individual cases.

Core data protection activities

Compulsory activities carried out prior to and during processing of personal data, as well as case based remedial actions, performed by all organisations, including data controllers and data processors.

Data protection officer (DPOaaS)

Consultancy and advice, internal and external point of contact, monitoring compliance regarding data protection matters and fulfilling other DPO tasks with a flexible workload and for a fixed fee.