Now more than ever, the business activities of our customers are crossing all borders.

Among other things, this requires continual monitoring of both local and foreign tax regulations. Growing cross-border ventures need clear strategies for transforming these challenges into a positive outlook.

  • Analysis of the tax risks and opportunities in cross-border transactions (including M&A) and business relocation
  • Consideration of the mutual impact of local and foreign tax regulations, and the provision of solutions in line with the customer’s business needs
  • Establishing the optimal legal structure and form of entrepreneurial activity
  • Assistance in various cross-border VAT and income tax accounting operations
  • Development of efficient and appropriate tax accounting principles for a permanent business establishment
  • Tax accounting for cross-border employees

The international Grant Thornton network provides access to international know-how, which allows to minimize the customer’s tax risks when doing business in a foreign tax jurisdiction.

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We also advise foreign investors in their search for the optimum group structure and legal form of entrepreneurial activity in Estonia and other Baltic countries.

We closely cooperate with the customer with the aim of offering explicit and practical solutions and satisfying particular business needs by considering the efficiency of tax expenditures.

There are various challenges in international business:

  • cross-border relocation of business activities or restructuring;
  • launch of cross-border business activities;
  • pricing and financing between related units;
  • indirect taxes;
  • business trips of key persons and cross-border employment.

In addition to adherence to the different requirements, the different tax systems also offer cross-border companies certain options of combining the rules of the tax systems with the aim of creating additional value and maintaining the competitive advantage. Our experienced tax advisers help customers to recognise the tax risks involved in cross-border business activities, adhere to the requirements established for cross-border reporting, as well as to seize unused opportunities.

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