Kristjan Järve

Head of tax department

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The tax advisory services of Grant Thornton in specific tax issues as well as for everyday business operations are available to both local and international customers.
We have obtained the required skills, knowledge and resources. Where necessary, we advise our customers in cooperation with the international Grant Thornton network, which provides access to more than 4,500 professional tax advisers in over 130 countries.

We provide advice in income tax, value-added-tax and other tax issues to customers in both the public and the private sector. We give an opinion on the tax-specific consequences of your transactions within the legal framework of Estonia as well as other countries. The tax advisers of Grant Thornton provide comprehensive advice in various tax issues, offering explicit and constructive solutions to both tax planning and tax strategy formation in line with the particular objectives of the company or individual.

We aim at helping the customer to achieve his or her growth potential. Our professional tax advisory services allow the customer to focus on the core activities.