Payroll can be a significant cost for the company by consuming a lot of time, investments to payroll software and implementing constantly the changes of labor laws.

Not to mention the cost for payroll itself can be quite significant amount of the cost-revenue. It requires the payroll specialist to be always few steps ahead with the changing law systems and regulations. Employees expect the employer to respect highly the most important agreement between the employer and an employee that is a correct and on time salary. Every employee trusts payroll specialist by calculating their taxes for the government according to the local laws. Payroll is a direct influence of trust between the employer and the employee. 

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Why to outsource?

  • We base our work on the principle of segregation of roles that ensures 100% confidentiality of salary information
  • Encrypted pay slips and always password-protected information 
  • We keep you informed about changes in legislation and ensure that they are applied to your company’s payroll
  • Our experts can offer you the right solutions with updating the employment contracts 
  • Payroll also covers the processing of personal data to a large extent. We are able to ensure that the processing, recording, storage, transmission, disclosure or destruction of personal data is in accordance with applicable requirements. 
  • We use state-of-art technologies for storing and backing up data 
  • The service provider is not taking vacations and in fact, we have several accountants for each payroll client to ensure the best quality and delivery


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