Why outsource payroll service from us?

Payroll can be a significant cost for the company by consuming a lot of time and investments to payroll software. It also requires staying top of legislation that can be change quite frequently. When you leave payroll to Grant Thornton Baltic, you can rest assured that:

  • Payroll is always done correctly and on time. We have several accountants working for your company’s payroll to ensure the delivery and best quality, and we’ll never miss a deadline due to anyone’s illness or absence.
  • Payroll data will never leak. We use secure state-of-art technologies for providing payroll service and the information exchange is always password-protected.
  • Personal data processing requirements are always followed. Payroll also covers the processing of extensive personal data. We are able to ensure that the processing, recording, storage, transmission, disclosure or destruction of personal data is in accordance with applicable requirements.
  • Payroll accounting is performed in line with legal requirements. We keep up to date with amendments to taxation and labour law and update our payroll software accordingly. This means no additional time or expenses for you.

Sounds good? Contact us to discuss the details.

Kristiina Püttsepp, Member of the management board of Luisa Tõlkebüroo "We associate the two words Grant Thornton with quality and competence."