We provide advice in all aspects of the transaction process.

Preparation for sale

Our transaction team advises companies in preparation for sale, starting from identifying potential negative value drivers, organizing accounting, analysis and establishing effective tax structures, reviewing contracts and also pre-sale restructuring (carve out).

Strategy and finding targets

We develop a strategy for the transaction which includes a valuation of the company and structuring the deal price, identifying potential investors using the Grant Thornton international network and drafting marketing materials to approach them (teaser, information memorandum). The buy-side process includes finding potential targets, initial analysis of the targets and approaching with the opportunity.

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2020-11-18 ostu-müügitehingu protsess ENG.pngNegotiations and letter of intent

Our team takes part and advises the negotiation process, justifying and explaining various positions to reach the best outcome and we prepare the legal documentation for signing (i.e. letter of intent, term sheet).

Due Diligence

We will manage the due diligence process sell-side, working together with the seller to provide requested information, assist with answering questions and provide a structured data room with necessary data.

When acquiring a company, we act as independent experts to conduct the legal, tax and financial due diligence in the target. This is done according to international standards and best practices in the Baltics. We work closely with our clients to develop a scope that helps them in achieving the strategic goals.

Negotiations and legal documents

Our transaction team supports you in negotiating and organizing the deal, including all legal documentation (i.e. non-disclosure agreement, letter of intent, share purchase agreement and other necessary documentation). This is to ensure that the commercial aspects of the terms are properly reflected and risks are mitigated.

Signing and completion

Completion of the transaction includes other aspects in addition to the signing of the agreement. For example, we assist our clients in preparing and submitting notices of concentration to the Competition Board for companies that have a larger market share.

Post-deal management

Managing the post-deal activities depends on the structure of the transaction as well as the findings of the due diligence. This could include advice on how to mitigate the risks found during the due diligence, terminating or negotiating the changes of agreements, integrating the companies etc.

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